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Information Technology Auditing Services

Galleon Financial Services LLC can assist you in protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your customer and business information thorough our following services:

Information Security Assessments

Evaluating your organization's current practices in regards to general operations, access control, network security, policies and procedures, data integrity as well as business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Internal Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Testing using Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT's) as well as manual probing and manipulation techniques to identify vulnerabilities that may allow access or malicious activity to occur by unauthorized access of employees, vendors or contractors of your systems.

External Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Testing mimicking the techniques and tools in use by hackers to identify vulnerabilities that may be visible to the outside world that could potentially allow access to sensitive information.


At Galleon Financial Services, we strive to meet every client's needs by teaming our auditing professionals with our technically skilled IT staff.  Our auditors are detail orientated and fully appreciate delivering quality service.  Upon completion of the assessment, our clients receive a timely, thorough report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of their security posture including useful suggestions to improve their organization's security.  This approach enables our clients to confidently outsource to a single consulting firm for all their auditing needs.  Our security assessments can be customized to meet your organizations current security needs.  Please Contact Us today for further information.

Galleon Financial Services' Information Security Director Jerry Brydl, CISA